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Me and my 2 brothers were brought up 15 minutes from Massat – which makes me a massatois girl, or to be more precise, the daughter of new massatois inhabitants. We drank water from the spring and ate vegetables from our garden.

My parents were home most of the time, working in the vegetable plot or in the woods or on the building itself, so they were around for us and for our education. I reckon this presence gave us the local knowledge, the physical and intellectual capacities and a maturity that we would surely not have had had they worked elsewhere.

We learned to live a very rustic existence in the mountains. No screens, more board and card games. They taught us that wealth was not just a question of money but also about fresh, clean air, good food and water, about human relationships and having time…

While I thank my parents for what they provided us, I want something completely different now for my life. To be quite honest I left home as soon as I could: boarding at school to begin with, then life near Paris when I was 18. It’s not that I want to desert momma and papa. I just want to see other things …..





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