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When I moved to Massat I was in class CE2 (school age approximately 7-8). I quickly made lots of friends and I felt really happy to be living in the mountains. Before then my parents would worry about leaving me to play in the streets. Here I could climb in the trees and run after the crickets in the fields. My parents had a farm and I have happy memories of the place.

Each season here has its particular feel and there are always things to do from morning until night. I feel that living in a small village (and the surrounding mountains) is the best environment for running about in and for getting to know the people.

When I turned 15 – and up until I was 17 – I found Massat too quiet. I longed for the excitement of the city. Now that I’ve left I’m always happy to return and rest up, or to go walking in the mountains, or go swimming in the river – especially when it’s sunny!





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